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The pursuit of speed has resulted in the highest levels of safety and convenience.
Detachable steering wheel system for vehicle inspection

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29,800 yen (excluding tax)

Japan Patent No. 3704481
Japan Patent Pending Patent Application No. 2018-002277
Japan Patent Pending Patent Application No. 2018-002278
Japan Utility Model Registration No. 3215479

*After the steering wheel is installed, there is no rattling at all.
*Even if you don't care about the angle of the steering wheel, the horn is fixed at the top position to avoid any installation errors.
*The horn wiring can be attached and detached at the same time as the steering wheel is attached and detached.
*You can choose your favorite color variations.

Since its release, the "Ball Lock System RAPFIX" has become an unprecedented hit due to the convenience and reliability of its perfection and its compatibility with vehicle inspections.
In addition to these features, the newly evolved RAPFIX2 is a one-action installation and light weight model.

[Caution] The body may become very hot in the direct sunlight during summer. Please be careful not to burn yourself.

Color variations


Part Names and Specifications


Optional Accessories

Rapfix2 Socket only

Socket only

20,000 yen (excluding tax)

*Steering side.

Rapfix2 Plug only

Plug only

10,000 yen (excluding tax)

*Boss side.

Rapfix2 Plugs for R32 GT-R

Plugs for R32 GT-R

10,000 yen (excluding tax)

*Steering angle sensor 12 o'clock for vehicles only
Color: Black only

How to use

1. Press the safety button.

2. Pull the sleeve toward you.

3. The steering wheel can be detached

4. When installing, push the steering wheel in and make sure it is locked.

Lighter weight - 174 grams lighter -.

- Sleeve
In order to maintain the necessary strength and quantification, RAPFIX2 has changed from the steel (mild steel) used in the previous model of RAPFIX to a cold forged aluminum alloy A5056.

- Rapfix II Socket & Plug
As before, the A5056 aluminum alloy A5056 cold forging is used; the A5056 cold forging has good anodic coloration and meets Works Bell's in-house design strength standards in terms of strength.

Proof of Safety

Unfortunately, inferior imitations of Rapfix have been produced overseas and some of them are circulating in Japan as well. These similar products look very similar to the "RAPFIX" manufactured by our company, and in recent years they have become a problem in society, and we regret to say that they are illegal copies.
The "Ball Lock System RAPFIX" is an important safety component directly related to steering operation and the safety of our customers. It is not difficult to imagine the high possibility of serious accidents if inferior or inferior products of inferior quality and safety are used by mistake. The brand logo of "WORKS BELL" was posted by silk screen printing.

Improvement of quality -Surface treatment

- Sleeve
At Rapfix II, not only does the material strength increase by optimizing materials through cold forging, but we also examined surface treatment to further improve the texture and wear resistance of the product and to consider the environment. As a result, a special treatment is applied to the silver sleeve, and a hard anodized treatment is applied to the black sleeve.

- Inner surface of the sleeve
Rapfix II has a Teflon coating on the sliding surface (inner surface of the sleeve) of the socket to prevent damage to the socket and smooth sliding action upon sleeve release.

- Rapfix II Socket & Plug
Like the old RAPFIX, the RAPFIX2 has anodized sockets and plugs, which reduce wear and tear due to friction during use for a beautiful appearance.

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