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Dramatically improved entry and exit to a tighter driver's seat, where the steering wheel tilts up in one action without compromising safety or design!
Detachable steering wheel system for vehicle inspection

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34,800 yen (excluding tax)

Japan Patent No. 4689487
US Pat .7441479


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Product Features

-Numerous functionalities born of years of experience
The tilt-up steering wheel allows for smoother entry and exit from vehicles with bucket seats or sport seats. It also allows for easier access to the dashboard and foot pedal area, which were previously inaccessible to the driver.

-The ball lock system is used. Achieves both design and functionality.
The tilt steering system uses a ball lock system (patented by us). We have developed this newly developed system based on the one-touch steering system "Rapfix" which has built up an extensive track record. Through the application of Rapfix's unique patented technology, the use of a ball to join the convex and concave shapes achieves a smoother bond and less rattle. Like Rapfix, it is an equipment part with a high level of safety and reliability. The ball locking system "Rapfix GTC" incorporates high technology in every part. This is a new and confident product from Worksbell & Nightpager.

-A commitment to safety and convenience
The "two-step lock" is used to prepare for any eventuality. The lock is not released until the safety trigger is slid in, so the steering wheel cannot be tilt up by accidental contact while driving. Also, the tilt-up steering wheel can be suspended (stopped) in approximately 6 steps by the plunger mechanism. This allows you to adjust to differences in the shape of the meter hood depending on the car model, and of course, you can also suspend it at your preferred position. Also, the "Horn Button" can be used. This product has horn terminals built into the body (plug) and the tilt-up part (socket) of the product.

-The advantage over the conventional product
Many of the competitors' products with similar functions have structural problems that make it difficult to control the rattling caused by the radial load on the steering wheel, and while they provide the convenience of tilt-up, they sacrifice steering and steering feel. RAPFIX GTC, however, with its B.L.S. (Ball Lock System), has achieved a quality far superior to that of conventional products.

How to use

1. Lower the red trigger.

2.Pull the lever toward you.

3.Tilt up while pulling up the lever.

4.When tilt down, make sure the lever is back on and locked.

Specifications and details

Total length: approx. 60mm
Weight: approx. 500g
Body material: duralumin
Surface anodized
Color: Silver/Black

Component parts

RAPFIX GTC unit / Harness (intermediate coupler) / Grounding ring / Horn ring (cut type) / Button Screw Set

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