Steering Boss Compatibility Information

Compatibility Information

We can make a custom-made steering boss, paddle shifter kit, auto cruise switch kit, spacers for the bosses in the desired length, and race steering boss related parts, etc. for any vehicle not listed in the vehicle application chart.
For more information, please call the customer center. [This service is only available to customers in Japan.]

RAPFIX Short Boss Kit Application Information

You can see the application table. Please click on it.

Application Chart & ALL Catalogue

You can see the application table in PDF format. Click here to view the table.

Note: Regardless of the year and model, there are some vehicles that cannot be fitted or have a different part number to fit due to variations in the genuine parts. Before installing the steering wheel, please make sure that the shape of the installation boss is the same as the shape on the back of the steering wheel. Also, the airbag warning light may not be able to be turned off for some vehicles due to individual differences. Please be aware of this.

In addition, please use this form to provide us with detailed information about your car, and we will contact you to confirm the part number of the boss that fits.