Quicker, more stylish and more functional.
The Paddle Shifter NEO is now available.

Product Overview



39,800 yen - 46,800 yen (tax not included)

  • All prices are excluding tax. A separate sales tax will be added to the price.

Paddle Shifter NEO Universal Type

33,000 yen (excluding tax)

  • All prices are excluding tax. A separate sales tax will be added to the price.
    This is a general-purpose paddle shift kit for various types of vehicles.
  • Professional knowledge and processing are required for installation.

Example of BMW E46 installation

Product Features

If your vehicle had an AT shift button on the steering wheel, you would have to give up this function, when you change your steering wheel. but with the new PADDLE SHIFTER NEO, you can use it in a functional and stylish way. The "PADDLE SHIFTER NEO" is an evolution of the previous "PADDLE SHIFTER KIT", with carbon fiber paddle levers for quicker switch strokes and a 20mm thick paddle body that is 30mm shorter than the previous model. This is a product designed specifically for each car model that includes a dedicated boss and harness.

-Carbon is used for the paddle lever.
-The switch stroke is quickened.
-By making the paddle body 20mm thick and shortening it by 30mm, the steering wheel installation position can be offset to the vehicle side and the combined bosses have been changed from short bosses to normal bosses.
-The paddles can be adjusted by 15mm on each side to suit the size of the steering wheel and the size of the driver's hands.
-The mounting position of the steering wheel may vary depending on the model of car.
-Gear changes can be made by lightly pulling the paddle sections on both sides toward you.
-The right side of the paddles is up and the left side is down. (This cannot be changed.)
-It can be installed without any wiring with the attached harness (intermediate coupler).

Component parts

Paddle Shifter Neo / Boss / Harness (Intermediate Coupler) / Grounding Ring / Horn Ring (Cut Type) / Fused Jumper Wire / Bolts

Part Number Applicable Models Installation Position
(compared to stock steering wheel)
Remarks Price (tax not included)
115NEO Legacy (BH/BE)
IMPREZA (H12/8-H14/10)
approx. +20mm *1 39,800 yen
116NEO 116NEO Legacy (BP/BL) 15/6-18/4
IMPREZA (H14/11- )
approx. +20mm *1 39,800 yen
222NEO Fit (GD before M/C)
Mobilio (GB)
approx. +20mm *1 46,800 yen
223NEO Fit (GD after M/C)
Airwave (GJ1-2)
Step Wagon (RG series)
approx. +20mm *1 46,800 yen
528NEO Aristo (160 series)
Altezza (10 series)
Cardina (ST215)
approx. +20mm *1,4 39,800 yen
537NEO MR-S (ZZW30) approx. +20mm *1 39,800 yen
540NEO 86 BRZ
Copen (LA400K)
approx. +20mm *2 39,800 yen
631NEO Fairlady Z (Z33)
Stager (M35 before M/C)
Skyline (V35, 5AT only)
approx. +20mm *2,3 46,800 yen
912NEO RX-8 approx. +20mm *1 39,800 yen
920NEO Axela Axela sport (BK series) approx. +20mm *1 39,800 yen
- - Universal type (general purpose) - - 33,000 yen

*1: Cannot be used on vehicles that are not equipped with a shift switch on the steering wheel.
*2: For AT models (Sports Mode) only
*3: Can be used with vehicles that do not have a shift switch on the steering wheel.
*4: Refer to the factory wiring locations on the factory coupler when installing the wiring.

  • Please contact Martell Ltd. for more information about Paddle Shifter Kits for import cars.
  • All prices are excluding tax. A separate sales tax will be added to the price.

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