Automobile inspection correspondence

Without sacrificing safety and design,

Tilt up steering with one action Better get on

and off to the driver's seat tight!

日本特許取得 特許 第4689487号

米国特許取得 US Pat .7441479 

Our multifunctional products were developed from

years of experience.

Getting in and out of cars with buckets seats or sports seats is easy with our product because you will be able to tilt your steering wheel upwards. It also makes working on hard to reach areas like the dashboard and foot pedal a breeze.

Applied Ball Lock System. The pinnacle of both

design and function.

We use our patented ball locking system on our tilt style steering wheel. We developed this new technology using our high-performance Rapfix steering wheel removal system as a base. By applying our patented Rapfix technology, we linked convex and concave  shapes with a ball so that you can smoothly connect the steering wheel. We built this product with high-quality parts to ensure the same level of safety and reliability as all of our Rapfix products. We've applied good engineering to each part of our Ball Locking System Rapfix GTC.

We don't sacrifice safety or convenience

We've applied a "Two Step Lock" for any potential situation. The steering wheel will never tilt upwards while you're driving even if you accidentally touch something because the wheel will not unlock unless you slide the safety trigger. You can suspend it based on the shape of your vehicle's meter hood or whatever position you like. You can still use the horn too.

How to use

​1.Pull the red trigger downwards

2.Pull the lever towards you

3.Tilt the steering wheel up while lifting the lever upwards

Restore the lever to the default position and make sure it locks before attempting to tilt downwards.



· Approximately 57 mm in total length Weight Approximately 500 g

· Body material Duralumin

· Surface anodized aluminum

· Color Silver / Black













Constituent parts

RAPFIX GTC body / harness (intermediate coupler) / earth ring / horn ring (cut type) / button screw set