Japan's first car anti-theft system

RAPFIX KeyLock System

11,800YEN(Tax not included)


Product Feature

*First in Japan, this is a new mechanics for car theft.

*It is used aluminium A5056 material.

*It is processed on surface almite.

*This has a form of sylinder not to pick.

Before installation

After installation

Product information

*BALL LOCK SYSTEM RAPFIX is needed to use this product .

*This product consists 1 key lock body and 2 keys.

*You can easily attach it, when you fit it into plug of BALL LOCK SYSTEM RAPFIX(car side) and only turn it.

*It is no fear that work in the wrong way, because it doesn't use through electric.

*It is difficult to scratch at its surface by almite treatment.

*If you lose your key,you can make a spare key checked with serial number and identification card.

*It is never find a type of your key, because it has the same serial number.

*In summer, the body would be heated much by the direct rays of the sun.Attention a burn.