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Automobile inspection correspondence

The pursuit of speed created,

It brings the highest safety and convenience,

Inspection compatible steering wheel detaching system

Product Information

Since salling, this product has been a big seller because of its factor in fine convinience and reliability which it suits for Japanese automobile inspection.


*This must not be shaky when it has set steering wheel.

*There is no mistake in attachment if you install it at an angle with no attention because it would be fixxed at top position.

*You can attach or detach horn wiring and steering wheel at one-step with one button.

*This has 3 colour variations what you can choose a colour as you like.

*In summer, the body would be heated much by the direct rays of the sun. Attention a burn.

Besides these feature,the newest model RAPFIX2 has released that it has realized a one-step attach and detach and weight reduction.

日本特許取得 特許第3704481号

日本特許出願中 特願2018-002277号

日本特許出願中 特願2018-002278号

日本実用新案登録 第3215479号 




How to use

1. Press the safety button.

2. Pull the sleeve forward.

3. Steering can be attached and detached.

4. When installing, confirm that the steering wheel is pushed in and locked.

Light weight "We realized it got lighter 174g"


In RAPFIX2 we changed an alminium alloy A5056 cold working forging material from steel material(soft steel)which old-model RAPFIX was used,to become light weighted as strong as needed.

Sochet and Plug

n RAPFIX2 we have adopted an alminium alloy A5056 cold working forging material. Its colour of alumite comes out well and adapts the layout strength basis of of WORKSBELL Co.,Ltd.


3.Certification of Safety

Regrettably, inferior products which fakes RAPFIX2 in oversea and domestic partly have been on the market. These counterfeit products is very much alike to our product, RAPFIX2. We regret that they are illegal copied products which they are social problem.

BALL ROCK SYSTEM RAPFIX2 is serious security parts to administer customer's security. We manufacture and sale products to ensure safety through every industrial test. However, if you mistake to use goods of poor quality, it is not difficult to imagine to cause a serious accident.And then, to keep safety of customer who use RAPFIX in advance, we printed the logotype to its sleeve which silk printed of MADE BY WORKS BELL testified as RAPFIX original products.

Quality Improvement "Surface treatment"


In RAPFIX2, it is natural to improve material strength used by the best material through cold working forging, we consider surface treatment is to improve material feeling and wear durability much more. We came to the conclusion that we treated special effect a silver sleeve and hard almite effect a black sleeve.

Inside Sleeve

In RAPFIX2, we treated Tefron-painted a fase of socket sliding(insede sleeve), so it is difficult not to scratch on socket and it is smoothed to slide sleeve when sleeve detaching.


Socket and Plug

RAPFIX2 as well as old-model RAPFIX was treated alumite on socket and plug, so it performs beautiful exterior while it reduce to wear away as use.