Utilization : for competition cars

Applicable steering wheels : any wheel matching a PCD 50.8mm, three holes

Attachment style : weld 

Main materials : plug= chromium molybdenum steel SCM435, 

                             socket = aluminum alloy A7075T6,

                             sleeve=aluminum alloy + stainless steel SUS420,

                             ball=steel SUJ2 

Size :length 63.5mm (except the weld part), diameter 69.6mm 

Weight :300g (plan)


Weld type    28,000YEN(Tax not included)
Bolt type      31,000YEN(Tax not included

Weld type   28,000YEN(Tax not included)

Bolt type 31,000YEN(Tax not included


This product is developed based on the technology of the Rapfix series, which have made a record of over 20,000 sales. Moreover, this product is the ideal quick release hub that is compact and lightweight used specifically for competition use.



Eight holes grooved in the plug side match the delicate steel balls used in the bearing. This provides a firm lock for both radial and lateral movement. The steel balls are released into the “free” position when the sleeve is pulled, then the socket can be detached from the plug. The sleeve section, once pulled, is locked. Once remounted onto the plug section, the sleeve automatically locks back into position.



When reattaching a separated Rapfix unit back onto it’s hub, the position of the wheel does not matter due to the fact that the Rapfix will only lock back into place in the same position in which it was disconnected. Other quick release mechanisms require the wheel to be positioned in a specific location before reattaching the wheel. Furthermore, Works Bell’s unique technology ensures that there is no shakiness or play because the steel balls keep constant and consistent pressure on the plug at any time. Therefore, it plays a big part in the driver’s severe steering wheel operation. In addition, in order to establish the reliability of Rapfix Racing in a race, a new mechanics, Cam Lock, whick certainly locks the radial loads by combining the plug and the socket, is adopted. Therefore, security is guaranteed by putting the Cam Lock System together with the Ball Lock System.



It is developed especially for formula cars. Chromium molybdenum steel SCM435 is used for the plug in order to weld the steering shaft easily; SUS420 is used for the liner in order to realize the lightweight and high-strength of sleeve. Moreover, the socket made byextra super-duralumin (A7075T6) and special plating fulfills the endurance. Assuming the hard use of the plug top, protective cap is installed. It is possible to change the damage protective cap to a new one.


Rapfix Racing cleared the NAPAC standard (a standard for after market products in Japan). A screwing test was done to check the operation of steering wheel to radial power. There was not any change in the shape after being pounded by dead loads of 29.7kg.m (291N.m). Moreover, there was not any change in the shape after a bending test of dead loads of 19.8kg.m (194N.m) in order to examine the effect when a driver impacts the steering wheel in an accident. 

According to the results of these tests, although the bending test and screwing test based on regulation loads caused the permanent transformation and the shakiness increased, the product is still possible to be detached and attached and it is not broken. Therefore, these tests prove that the steering wheel can still be operated when large loads act. According to these results, Rapfix Racing has the same or more strength than the spline style Quick Release Hub of other companies.

We also tested that how much can be released when the plug and socket are pulled strongly. They were not destroyed by 3754kg(36.8KN). The test was ended when the bolt, which is fixed to the steering wheel, was destroyed. The quick release function can be still operated. Therefore, it is confirmed that Rapfix Racing could endure the pull power of 68G because the standard weight of a driver according to Japan Safety Standard is 55kg. We did 10,000 times repeated attachment and detachment tests for testing the endurance. We proved that there is no broken and it is still possible to drive, attach and detach, although the shakiness increased.


RAPFIX Racing/GTC-R 3 holes 6 holes
Change adapter


厚み:約 5 mm(1枚)

RAPFIX Racing溶接タイプ専用 電極キット

RAPFIX Racing 溶接タイプに12極の電極を追加できます。端子部もステアリングと同時に脱着可能です。