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Universal Hub Kit is the product to pass Japanese automobile safety inspection. Now in the automobile parts industry, it occurs to loosen the automobile discipline and advance free. But it needs for customer to choice the correct products. For example, it is obliged that the automobile safety is under management for customer. It is no easy that choose goods correctly among huge market. So it advances free, in WORKS BELL we willingly decided our goods to pass Japanese automobile safety inspection. We review what boss should be using data about know-how, strength and safety we save, to guarantee the quality of our products.
For example, the accuracy and shape of boss to fix steering wheel surely, the possibility of secondary damage by the cause a driver crash against a steering wheel in an accident and the material to extend its life through attention of corrosion and fatigue, etc. We don’t change its design again, but develop its traditional design as self regulations.
Our products have high quality and design so that it could relieve you. This is Universal Hab Kit produced by WORKS BELL to pass Japanese automobile safety inspection.


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